SimpleScalar Version 4.0 Test Releases

The slides from the SimpleScalar Version 4.0 Release Tutorial are now online here.


These links are to the software releases described in the SimpleScalar Tutorial, held in conjunction with MICRO-34.


NOTE: The following test releases are based on SimpleScalar code, which is copyrighted and licensed by SimpleScalar LLC.  As such, the following test releases are only distributed for academic non-commercial use.  See the SimpleScalar license for details on distribution and restrictions on use.


Test Release

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Current Status


The MASE code is stable, documentation is included in the test distribution, the code is awaiting integration into the main SimpleScalar 4.0 code base.  A report on the MASE microarchitecture simulation infrastructure is available here.  Details on the latest version of MASE and updates are contained in the release documentation.



The ARM target is stable and in heavy use at UM and many other institutions, the code is awaiting integration into the main SimpleScalar 4.0 code base.

SimpleScalar/ARM cross compiler kit

The ARM cross compiler is based on GNU GCC and the BINUTILS tool chain.  This code is stable.

MiBench embedded benchmark suite

MiBench code is stable, a report describing the benchmarks with initial performance analyses is included in the release.

PowerAnalyzer ARM power model

Version 0.9 test release of the ARM power models, includes the latest version of SimpleScalar/ARM, these models have been validated against the UM MARS processor pipeline, validation against the SA-1110 and Xscale 80200 is ongoing.

Sim-Alpha 21264 validated model

Version 1.0 of the Alpha 21264 microarchitecture model, stable and currently in use at multiple institutions.  Microbenchmarks use during validation are here, and a report detailing the model and its validation is here.

Ss-viz Visualization Tool

ss-viz provides a graphical user interface to release 3.0a of sim-outorder, enabling users to step through program execution and view timing statistics at arbitrary cycles. It has been ported to and tested on Linux x86 and Solaris/Sparc. The README describes how to build and configure the tool.

Ss-PPC PowerPC target

The PowerPC instruction definition file and augmented timing simulator have been tested extensively on Linux/x86, Solaris/SPARC, and AIX/PowerPC platforms. Access ss-ppc-little for the Linux/x86 version, and ss-ppc-big for the Solaris and AIX versions. Most PowerPC instructions have been implemented, with the exception of some privileged instructions that will be incorporated in future releases. ss-ppc-little currently supports a greater number of system calls. Documentation is available in the ss-ppc tech report.

Ss-OS Full System PowerPC target

To appear…


GPV Graphical Pipeline Viewer

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