SimpleScalar Documentation
This page contains an annotated bibliography of SimpleScalar documentation, including links to all documents.  PDF formatted documents can be viewed using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader, which can be run on DOS, Windows, Macintosh and Unix systems.

COPYRIGHT SimpleScalar copyright and academic non-commercial use license for the SimpleScalar tools. PLEASE READ.
install_guide_v2.txt SimpleScalar version 2.0 installation guide.  This guide details the installation of the SimpleScalar tools.
users_guide_v2.pdf SimpleScalar version 2.0 user's guide.  This guide covers the installation and use of the SimpleScalar tools.  Details are also provided on the internals of the Sim-Outorder microarchitecture performance model.  The guide also includes a PISA instruction set reference manual.
hackers_guide_v2.pdf SimpleScalar version 2.0 hacker's guide.  These slides describe how to run SimpleScalar tools and interpret their output.  In addition, the guide covers the source code modules and the interfaces that they export.  A detailed description of the Sim-Outorder microarchitecture model is also included.
README-def.txt SimpleScalar DEF file format description.  The SimpleScalar tools use the DEF files to specify the intricacies instruction semantics, dependencies and disassembly.  We have created a document that explains the DEF file format; also included in the file are details on how to add new instructions to an existing instruction set and access those instructions using GNU GCC "asm" features.
simple_tutorial_v4.pdf SimpleScalar version 4.0 tutorial presentation.  These slides are from the SimpleScalar tutorial was held at MICRO-34.  They give an overview of the SimpleScalar tool set including the new features introduced in SimpleScalar version 4.0 (due out later this year).  The slides from the tutorial are online here.
simple_tutorial_v2.pdf SimpleScalar version 2.0 tutorial presentation.  These slides include many details on how to use and extend the SimpleScalar tools.  Details on the internals of the tool set and a detailed description of the Sim-Outorder performance model are also included.  This tutorial was presented at MICRO-30.
SimpleScalar sources The SimpleScalar sources are well documented.  Each module includes an interface header file (.h) with interface definitions and module documentation.  Module implementations (.c) also include many comments.